Coffee is the source of much contention in daily life. Why would the most popular beverage in the world be the topic of so much debate? Well, for one it is because of pseudo-science, which attempts to twist anything having good effects into a negative light, outlining all of the potential downsides, and discrediting the good.

Well, you can toss your doubts out the window ladies and gentlemen! Why? Because numerous real, scientific studies have been concluded on coffee and its benefits, and one thing screams through time and time again- that coffee is good for you!

We’re in no way advocating you drink coffee as you would water, but a few cups throughout the day will improve your well-being and leave you better off!

Still not convinced? Here are a few brief reasons why coffee is just too good to be left alone:

Coffee Fires Up Your Brain

There is evidence that coffee (or some form of caffeinated stuff) was used since the days of Indian civilization in South America and the Caribbean, whereby warriors would consume the leaves of the cacao plant to get mentally and physically primed to do battle.

Of these groups, the Caribs were the most prolific warriors, and as you may have guessed, most consistent users of the cacao. In our modern day tame livelihoods, coffee can help get your brain primed to do REPETITIVE tasks.

So, if you job involves doing the same thing over and over again, you will become an efficient machine unlike any other. However, if your job required intricate thought, caffeine and coffee may provide a counterproductive buzz as you do not necessarily increase executive delegating. In addition, if brain power is what you are after, coffee also reduces your risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee Prolongs Life

The way coffee prolongs life is numerous and multi-faceted. However, to put it simply, it does this by reducing your risk of chronic diseases that sap away life, such as heart disease, cancer and more.

The one basic purist of almost all humans is to live as long as possible, in good health, and when it boils down to it coffee may really help you achieve this goal. On average, coffee drinkers have a 20% reduced mortality rate compared to non-drinkers, when compared over an 18-24 year period.

Coffee Ups Your Physical Performance

One of the keys to living a long and fulfilling life is by exercising frequently. By doing this, you help keep muscles and connective tissue in good working order, so that age related changes to bone do not negatively impair your mobility. If you’re younger, this is great too, as it means you will be able to work out longer in the gym, translating to greater gains to muscle size, or enhanced fat loss resulting from exercise.

Coffee Is Loaded With Nutrients

This is one many people do not know. Most people just assume coffee is a quick pick me up type of beverage with no real nutritional value. However, coffee contains a wide range of B-vitamins and minerals, and is actually one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants in our everyday diet. Yes, this exceeds even the anti-oxidants we get from our daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, and is a lot less unpleasant to force feed that the aforementioned two!


Coffee is a godsend to mankind. Almost anyone who drinks it will receive benefit of some sort, and while there are possible negatives from excessive consumption, many people never experience any such symptom.

Keep in mind, drink your coffee black or at the very least with little sugar or cream, as those added calories really do add up.


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